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Lumbar Pillow

The Octane Lumbar Pillow is the ideal choice for extra lumbar support caused by lower back pain on all Octane Seating. This lumbar support pillow is our best pillow for back pain and is the only back pillow loaded with a whole host of premium extras that are guaranteed to deliver the relief you need.

This back cushion is made with a durable and soft memory foam core that is drilled with small holes to allow for the free flow of air from the front to the back of the pillow. This design ensures that the memory foam stays cooler and therefore so does your back. The memory foam used in this back cushion is mixed with bamboo and charcoal so that it inheritently will stay dry and cool.

The lumbar cushion is encased in a removable, washable mesh and microfiber fabric cover. This cover is machine washable so that it can stay fresh for years of everyday use. The cover has an attached strap that will hold the back cushion to any chair seat back. The strap is adjustable and can, therefore, be used not only on Octane Seating but all types of chairs like in your car and on your office chair.

This table is made specifically for all Octane Seating theater seats, and is not meant to be used with other theater seat brands.


Octane has designed and developed a full line of home theater seating accessories that takes your viewing pleasure to a whole new level.

Octane Seating is the leader in high performance comfort.

  • Pillow Dimensions : L 43cm x P 35,50cm x H 12,50cm
  • Color : Black
  • Construction : Gel infused memory foam core
  • Cover Content : 100% microfiberh
  • Warranty : 2 years



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