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About Us

France Simulateur SARL  - SEAT MOTION is a manufacturer and reseller on the online market of simracing and gaming seats since 2010 .
With an impressive variety of technologies in the multimedia industry, France Simulateur SARL covers the French and European markets.

Fans of the Seventh Art, we were inspired by the american trend : The Home Theatre or the multimedia room, often used to watch movies, play games, listen music or simply enjoying a good concert…After the dinning room, the home theatre is the most popular place to be spending some quality time with friends or family.

A few years ago, the installation of a home theater  was a privilege that only a few people could afford. Today, it has become a must-have and many homes now have their own room dedicated mainly to the cinema!

The current European theatre seats market is low and the quality /price ratio is often mediocre…due to this fact we traveled across the Atlantic Ocean in the search of some products with major qualities such as comfort, solidity and silent electric engine.

The home theater recliner , as the Americans say, is an armchair very common on the american continent, usualy installed in the living room. Designed and developed for many years on the american mainland, is now able to give you a high level of comfort.

What do you aim for your own home theatre ? Do you prefer an intimate atmosphere, comfort, modularity and accessories ?

The products that we propose will certainly provide you a solution !

Don’t hesitate to contact us for concise informations.